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SLENDERBODIES Release Tranquil New Single ‘The One’

Stunning in its tranquility, the latest single from slenderbodies is simply exquisite.

slenderbodies 2018

California-bred duo slenderbodies release a charming cut lifted from their upcoming EP, Soraya, which will be released via Los Angeles indie label Avant Garden.

Their latest offering, The One, is an immersive track that will dip you into their dreamy soundscape. Full of whispery vocals and murmuring acoustic guitars, it’s a lush track that will snatch your breath with its beauty. The lyrics in the chorus, “You’ll be the one to take my breath away”, could not more accurately describe how we feel about the track.

A stripped-back opening introduces the airy character of the track, and as the bass fixes itself as an anchor for the floating high notes to latch onto, the relaxed electronic beats will slow your heartbeat and set a serene atmosphere. As wispy vocals join the texture, you’ll feel all your troubles melt away as this relaxing piece simply eases the stress out of you. A triplet-feel plucked guitar creates a mellifluous groove in the second verse, adding an extra layer of charm. You can’t help but be dazzled by this track, and it’s something you’ll be putting on repeat thanks to its hypnotic vocals and alluring melodies.