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THYLA Share Mesmerising New Single ‘Candy’

Rising indie pioneers Thyla release new single Candy and announce plans for debut EP.

ThylaBrighton’s very own Thyla have been labelled as one of the most exciting new bands. The four-piece captivate listeners with dreamy guitars and relatable lyrics. They show no signs of stopping following the consistent song releases over 2017 and 2018 and they will only continue to grow stronger with their sound.

Taken from the band’s debut EP which is coming soon, Candy is a mesmerising new single dominated by the sugary vocals from Millie Duthie, following a sombre tone, simply about their teeth falling out.

When discussing the track, the band state:

You know when you have impending doom and you have no idea why because there’s nothing specifically wrong that you can put your finger on, and your dreams are messed up, and when you wake up you wonder what they mean? That’s what Candy is about.