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MAGDALENA BAY Charm with New Single ‘The Girls’

Delivering an important message through a fun manner, The Girls will be stuck in your head for all the right reasons.

Magdalena Bay 2018

Synth pop duo Magdalena Bay will charm their way into your heart with their latest single The Girls.

Sonically, the track brings in a splash of retro pop in the form of synth-driven melodies and it’s simply delightful. Breezing in with 80’s and 90’s inspired beats, it captures these past sounds whilst bringing a modern twist to deliver a fun sound that you can’t help but jam out to. A catchy chorus will entrap you with its infectious melodies and sing-along vocals, as vibrant beats pound away in the background.

Lyrically, the single delivers an important commentary and sheds light on the situation faced by many females. Vocalist Mica Tenenbaum explains:

The Girls starts with an encounter, a pushy guy at a bar who doesn’t get the hint that I’m not interested in talking or getting to know him. The song builds on that typical type of encounter and muses on the exasperation and exhaustion that comes with being a woman. From childhood, girls are acutely aware of how men look at them. We carry the weight of that objectification. It makes us powerless but also powerful– and The Girls is an ode to that heavy understanding of the world and themselves that women carry with them.