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GURU Share Debut Single ‘Consumer Helpline’

A new punk band to fall in love with? Yes please. 

GURU 2018

Hailing from Brighton, the raucous quartet Guru bring on their take of punk with their debut single Consumer Helpline. A tour-de-force of fuzzy guitars, raucous energy and riling vocals, you can’t help but feel the track fire up an instinctive feeling within you.

Opening with a solitary guitar chugging away, it’s not long before battering drums open the gateways to a crushing instrumental introduction. Bringing a cacophony of distorted guitars and pulverising percussion, it’s clear from the start this band means business. The band manages to hone their sound so that it maintains the traditional punk sound yet simultaneously push an indie rock agenda, all whilst adding their own flair. There’s a clear drive and sense of direction throughout the song, but at the same time there’s an unresolved anxiety bubbling underneath, and you’ll wonder where this track will hurtle you to next. The nervous energy mixed with the direction creates a potent energy that sears through the speakers as vocalist Tommy Cherrill spits out lyrics that pick at relationships in the modern era of extreme capitalism.