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Album Review // ALL GET OUT ‘No Bouquet’

Deeply poignant, No Bouquet shows All Get Out blossoming into the newest chapter of their music.

All Get Out album 2018

South Carolina’s All Get Out bring out their fourth album, and it’s just as hard-hitting and explosive as you would expect from the duo. With tantalising instrumental work and their carefully curated sound, the wait between their last album Nobody Likes A Quitter and No Bouquet has all been worth it as we delve into their newest sonic exploration.

Soft flitting guitars open Rose, and there’s a note of melancholy that rings underneath Nathan Hussey’s smooth vocals take over. A slow build in tension, the exuberant major chords and light falsetto of the tender first half are disturbed by a creeping guitar, which crashes down with a wail and the vocals turn rough with emotion. From then on, the prior delicacy is lost, and You’ll Survive brings a slamming wall of sound in its gigantic chorus, as the bass pounds through you and Nathan contemplates “I’m pretty sure that I’m dying”.

A sprightly riff draws you into Value, painting an exuberant soundscape as lush vocals lay into you alongside lively drums. As the high vocals dominate, it makes for an infectious chorus that you can’t get out of your head. There’s a slightly more pop-punk feel to Self Repair, with its palm-muted guitars and upbeat drums that will carry you forward with its relentless drive. Hitting you hard with emotional lyrics, there’s something liberating and reassuring as Nathan sings “It’s okay we’ve all been caught crying. It’s okay to be upfront”.

Hook onto the groovy triplet feel found in the chorus of Archives, which is unpredictable in both its feeling and in its rhythm. A nervous energy flits through the track, as Nathan confesses “I’m just anxious, you’re just numb”. If Archives was a nerve-wracking track, then First Contact is here to soothe you down. Opening with faded vocals, light drums and high guitars provide an airy accompaniment that draws you into a dream-like state. Pulsing guitars shatter this state as the words “Finally a real routine” pierce through, almost like the finality discovered in the lyricism is reflected by the melody. Namesake continues the tender introductions, with its lilting melody and subdued tempo. An explosive chorus unveils every emotion that’s been bottled up previously, detailing all of the personal feelings and sparing no pretence.

However Long features some subtle tones of acoustic guitars within its midst of thrashing riffs and soaring vocals, and these moments are truly special in drawing out the heartbreak lying behind the track. Not wanting to leave out a hefty dose of nostalgia, you’ll feel yourself yearning for lost past relationships as Nathan croons “However long it’s gonna be, I can guarantee I’m gonna miss you”.

Finishing with Trip, it’s an amalgamation of the punchy riffs and raw vocals that makes All Get Out so great, and you’ll want to listen to the whole album again immediately after the last note fades out.