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MODERN ERROR Release Video for ‘Separation Scars’

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, Modern Error release the video for Separation Scars.

Modern Error 2018

Peterborough’s Modern Error are back with more of their blue aesthetic in their latest video Separation Scars.

Visually related to previous singles Buried And Blue and Blackout Poetry, the quartet’s newest video offers a fresh intake of breath whilst maintaining a familiarity. Disorder slowly grows throughout the video, as the tapes on the cassette become tangled and paint starts dripping down, showing a slow process of things falling apart and breaking down over time. The track packs a punch with its unfiltered emotion, and as the charged riffs drive through you, every inch of your skin will be covered by tingles.

Vocalist Zak Pinchin explains:

Separation Scars, at its heart is about separation from self-war, and getting addicted to the idea of wanting what once was, forcing ourselves to slip into feeling ‘less than’, and that can become toxic.

We’ve all experienced self-war and the need to escape from it, so we took this into a song format. The song resembles the same ideology on a grander scale; I feel like we all are separating into our own self-contained worlds at a time where we have the most connectivity imaginable, leaving people without that physical feeling of connection and longing for a time ‘before’. The video for Separation Scars takes on the same idea in a visually conceptual format.

Modern Error will release the Lost In The Noise EP in Spring 2019.