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AIRWAYS Release Poignant New Track ‘Blue Gasoline’

A step away from the energy that comes to mind when Airways are mentioned, the newest track sees the band taking a slightly more sombre outlook.

Airways 2018

Peterborough quartet Airways release their last single of the year in the form of Blue Gasoline, and it’s sure to make you excited to see what they are brewing for the new year. Taking a darker, more sombre sound, it’s a move outside of what may have come to be expected, showing the band’s refusal to be pigeon-holed by genre.

A brooding atmosphere opens the track, as vocalist Jake Daniels mournfully croons over an acoustic guitar. Slowly building, it feels like you are only able to see the tip of the iceberg as there’s a sense of the immense power possessed by the band that is yet to be on display. A staggering finale of magnetising guitars and powerful beats rips through you, paralysing you. It’s a track sure to leave you speechless not just with its penetrating melodies, but also with its astute lyricism that reflect the band’s shift – ‘Some blue gasoline and a box full of matches, let’s see what it does’.

Jake says:

‘Blue Gasoline’ is an exciting one for us because it’s a new strand of the Airways sound, and it feels like the beginning of a more mature direction for us. We’re basically old men now and this song reflects that.