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BAD CHILD Shares Intense New Video for ‘Bad Child’

Not one to shy away from tackling his innermost feelings, the latest video from BAD CHILD is a cinematic venture into coming-of-age struggles.


Canadian songwriter BAD CHILD continues to deliver his hard-hitting music in the form of eponymous single BAD CHILD. Brimming with unspoken emotion, the thumping beats bring an exhilarating edge to the glittering electronics. Impassioned vocals carry you across the thoughts that wreck through BAD CHILD’s head, and pierce through you with its searing fervour.

The visuals follow the narrative of a young male, who finds himself amidst a rave and explores his identity. BAD CHILD describes it as ‘A retro future coming of age story, unpacking the way people find purpose in their lives.’ Photographic director Kostadin Kolev explains ‘The video for BAD CHILD is a rally cry to individuals who feel used up in their lives.’

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, BAD CHILD says:

I was 16 when I lost my mother and when my first serious relationship ended. My partner at the time had left because I was broken emotionally. I felt like a free trial used up. It’s about holding on to something that’s over, finding solace, and overcoming impossible odds.