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FLING Share New Single ‘Revolution’

Unleashing into 2019, is Bradford five piece FLING with their explosive new track Revolution.

Fling 2018

Drenched in psych rock sensibilities, FLING have definitely nailed the brief. Gigantic guitar moments and vocals that will have you want to sing/yell along to, it makes you feel like you want to start a revolution of your own.

Revolution is coming from their debut album that it set to rattle the airways on the 22nd of February and it is appropriately titled FLING Or Die.

The quintet explain the feelings they’re chasing:

This album for us, is a coming together of our collective imaginations, through themes of longing, wonder and hedonism. It feels like an audible representation of a brief moment in our lives and how we evoke the best emotions in each other. There’s an overall positive undertone to the record that definitely reflects on us as people, and it feels good to be able to share it with everyone.