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HOBBY CLUB Release Debut Single ‘For Maurice’

For Maurice is the debut catchy and sun soaked track from London based duo Hobby Club that will have some premature summer vibes flowing into your ears.

Hobby Club 2019

Hobby Club, aka Beth Truscott and Joe Rose, have shared For Maurice, the first single from their debut EP Video Days coming at you on the 8th of March.

The song starts off with quick drums and defined guitars and then half way through takes itself in its strides. Distinctive vocals show noteworthy range and the dynamic track would be completely different without it.

For Maurice is Hobby Club’s anthem for leaving home, named after a local celebrity in Joe’s hometown Barrow, the “brash and absurd, yet sensitive and creative” Maurice G. Flitcroft, who “at all times was striving for something more than his humble origins would allow by studying art and literature and becoming the self-professed best at anything he put his mind to.” 

The track becomes the duo’s rebellion of limited small-town life. Joe describes:

Like my own Dad, Maurice begrudgingly worked in the shipyard but never let the narrow opinions of others corrode his delusions of grandeur. No matter how absurd your goal is, you can just tell yourself you’re the best and that everybody else is wrong.