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DWEN Unveil New Single ‘Tr Pp N’

With their off-kilter brand of pop, Dwen continue to shape their own sonic territory with Tr Pp N.

Dwen 2019

East London trio Dwen know exactly how to make a track that sticks; as collective producers themselves, they already have the knowledge under their belt and they’ve employed it fully in their newest single Tr Pp N. A hazy swirl of sensuality and tension, the feeling of forlorn love rings out clearly between the blur of electronics.

A cocktail of R&B, lo-fi and art-pop, it’s an intriguing sound that doesn’t neatly fit into any category but that’s exactly what makes Dwen so captivating. An intimate emotional connection is set up between the trio and the listener, and the expansive vocals only enhance this visceral connection. Intense feelings of sadness, longing, fear, love, and general emotional authenticity permeate the track and add to the eerie atmosphere created by the ambient electronics.

The trio describes the track as “our take on something universally and numerously explored through the lovelorn sentiment of 90s R&B,” whilst “exploring the conflict and ambivalence of some relationships, half ironically, but with an appreciation for what these songs mean and the universal feeling they convey, however contrived they seem on the surface.”