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SPEELBURG Releases New Track ‘Headlights’

Playful and oozing with charisma, there’s no resisting the charm of Speelburg and his newest single Headlights.

Speelburg 2018

American/Belgian born Noah Sacré, crafting under the moniker Speelburg, is back with his newest track Headlights. The single is the second to be lifted from his forthcoming mixtape Character Actor, which will be released on April 5th.

A cheeky piece that certainly doesn’t lack on funky beats, playful synths and mesmerising falsetto, it’s simply irresistible as it provides a slow-jam for you to dig your teeth into. Plus, who can resist a bass accompaniment that simply teases you with its tantalising line? The witty lyricism only makes it all the more lovable, and there’s no denying the confidence that shines throughout the track – Speelburg is fully comfortable in his own sonic corner, and if we could write music that good, we would be too.

Speaking about the track, he says:

Headlights was co-produced with my long-time buddy and collaborator Laurie James Ross. His talent knows no bounds. We originally tried to write something completely different.

Lyrically, It’s a song about going somewhere completely new and alien and throwing yourself into it. Sink or swim, just figure it out. It’s about not being able to stay put and always finding a million reasons to be busy. We went to the moon 50 years ago. It was a big deal. I really hope that in 50 years, future generations look back on the release of this single with the same reverence.