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BOYS Transport You Away with New Single ‘Mind Games’

The mesmerising new track from BOYS lulls you into a haze of evocative guitars and nostalgic lyricism.

BOYS 2019

London quartet BOYS smoothly drifts into 2019 with their dreamy new track Mind Games.

If you’re already tired of this year and need an escape from everything, then this is the track for you. Reverberating guitars and whimsical synths transport you into the mythical soundscape of BOYS, and it’s a perfect song to just close your eyes to as the washed-out beats carry you away. Combining their soothing accompaniment with heartfelt lyricism, the touch of wistfulness that presents itself will lull and comfort you with its raw honesty. A sense of yearning carries itself throughout the track, as vocalist Ross Pearce croons ‘I wish you could come round and stay’, and you’re left with the lingering desires of a relationship gone south.

Speaking about the track, the band says:

Mind Games was written after the end of a long-term relationship and is all about the thoughts that go through your head after the break-up. Even though you no longer see or hear the person anymore they’re still in your head playing mind games.