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Band Of The Week // SALTWATER SUN

The sun-speckled melodies by Saltwater Sun are surely a treat for everyone who hears them, and the release of their debut EP The Great Deceiver cements their position as a band you need to keep your eye on. 

Saltwater Sun 2019

Guitar pop quintet Saltwater Sun definitely know how to make a statement, as they share their highly anticipated debut EP The Great Deceiver. Mixing gripping lyricism that tackles some of the core topics of today with utterly irresistible guitar-driven melodies, it’s a potent blend of the band’s musical strengths that will only leave you more in awe of their skills.

Explaining the EP, the band says:

It deals with various aspects of growing up – the joy and stresses of relationships, the death of loved ones, how we cope with our grief and how that affects our own perception of ourselves and our mortality, learning to be comfortable in yourself, whoever that is.

Whilst opener Trying excites and rouses with its syncopated rhythms, The Great Deceiver touches your heart with its sensitivity in handling the subject of finding yourself amongst a sea of self-doubt. Frontwoman Jen Stearnes reveals about the track:

I wrote this song to my younger self. I always wanted to sing but doubted myself because I hated my appearance and feared it would be scrutinised if I put myself out there.

We all grow up with unrealistic beauty standards, or expectations of how we should be and that makes me think about all the other people have been held back, or made to feel small or like they don’t have a place by those ridiculous standards and expectations. I’ve found confidence over time, but this song services as a little pep talk every now and then, and is here for anyone else who needs it; The Great Deceiver is about finding your voice, not giving in to self doubt and learning to be comfortable in yourself, whoever that is.

Finale Blood leaves the listener with a touch of optimism as dazzling guitars shine through the driving vocals, and although the EP may only be 3 tracks long, it definitely packs a punch and does not lack in any aspect of quality.

Wanting to find out more, we asked the band a bit more about their EP, their inspirations, and the importance of music for them.

What’s the main theme underlying the EP 

Relationships. With other people, yourself and people who aren’t here with us anymore.

What are your inspirations? 

What happens in our day to day lives and experiences. Musically, the Maccabees, Blur, The Cardigans.

What’s your ultimate dream?

To be able to make music for as long as possible and for the music to sustain that lifestyle. That’s the dream.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be 

The pink and blue hues you get when the sun is setting / rising.

Considering how your EP is named The Great Deceiver, what’s the biggest deception you’ve pulled off?

I blagged my way backstage at Glastonbury festival once, which went really well until I physically bumped into Chris Martin from Coldplay, panicked and left.

What’s your least favourite thing about internet culture?

The insincerity. We portray a carefully composed curation of the best bits of our lives to project an image of success or happiness, when often that isn’t the case. We covet the curations of others with jealous eyes. it’s just a never ending cycle where people feel increasingly inadequate and post even more disingenuous stuff about how great their lives are in a bid to feel better. It’s okay to feel utterly miserable sometimes. We’d all feel better if we just accepted that and supported each other properly.

What’s one social media you can’t live without? 

Facebook messenger because it’s where we organise band stuff and where I talk to my friends.

Have you had any particular experiences with internet and self-doubt? 

I think it’s really easy to build a fake narrative of what someone else is doing or how they are feeling by piecing together little snippets of their online activity – and it’s always at a detriment to your real life relationship with that person. Just ask people how they feel; it’s easier and lends itself better to healthy relationships.

I also love replying to people’s stories en-masse when I’ve had a drink or two, it’s always overly positive or gushy stuff which can lead to a lot of self doubt and ‘why am I like this?’ in the morning!

And finally, what does music mean to you? 

Music is my outlet for coping with feelings that can be all encompassing and difficult to process. It keeps me grounded and my mind healthy. It comforts me when I feel low, lifts higher me when I feel high. It’s something I share with my loved ones; it’s my lifeblood.