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BAKER GRACE Shares Emotional New Single ‘Handcuffs’

Coming from an intensely personal perspective, the latest track from Baker Grace is sure to hit you in all of your feels.

Baker Grace 2019

It’s so easy to feel disillusioned with the world we live in, where there seems to be some sort of negative headline every time you turn on the TV. 18 year-old New Jersey songstress Baker Grace knows all too much this feeling, but instead of letting it drown her in a wave of apathy and pessimism, she channels her emotions into her rousing new single Handcuffs. Opened by the docile tones of a piano melody, there’s a certain childish quality within Baker’s vocals that only serve to hammer home the message of the track and the nostalgic feelings associated with it.

Speaking about the track, Baker explains:

‘Handcuffs’ is about a loss of innocence. Realizing that I’m not sheltered from the dangerous parts of humanity, I felt helpless and unsafe at a time where random violence acts were blasted on screens and seemed to take place everywhere. I wrote a song that says maybe I can’t stop it from happening but I will not be a part of it, I will put my hands up, spread kindness, and always choose love hoping others will do the same.