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SHEAFS Share Caustic New Single ‘Get Used To It’

Dripping with attitude and swaggering confidence, SHEAFS’ newest single Get Used To It definitely makes a statement.

Sheafs 2019

There’s no holding back in the newest single from Sheffield rockers SHEAFS. Following the quintet’s previous demos This Is Not A Protest and Shock MachineGet Used To It is the first new material from the band this year and it definitely makes a statement for how they intend on tackling 2019. Delivering a hefty dose of gusto, cut-throat punk grittiness are combined with hooking riffs that are sure to win you over with its unapologetic attitude.

Fired up with blistering energy, the raucous guitar solos will dazzle and electrify whilst the confident vocals drive the track forward brazenly. You’ll find yourself shouting along ‘Get used to it man, get used to it’ as the captivating chorus swings round, and with staccato drums that jab at you in the bridge, it’s an energising track that will leave you feeling on a high. With its anthemic motifs, the track is sure to go down well in the live circuit and shows the band as a force to be reckoned with. If this single is anything to go by, then SHEAFS are definitely a band you’ll want to get used to.