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Artist Of The Week // SODY

Laying bare her feelings in her latest track The Bully, Sody’s ability to express potent emotions through her lyricism whilst writing hooking melodies marks her as an artist you should keep your eye on.

Sody 2019

Although aged merely 18, Sody certainly seems much wiser beyond her age as evidenced by her emotive new single The Bully. Featuring honest lyrics taken from her own experience of being bullied in high school, the deeply personal track is sure to strike a chord within you – don’t be too surprised if you find yourself reaching for the Kleenex. A gentle piano accompaniment allows her striking vocals to take the spotlight and convey all of the hurt of the track, with nothing being held back. Acting as a catharsis, it may be a track built upon pain but by voicing her own struggles, Sody allows you to move forward and past the experience.

Explaining more, Sody says:

I wrote The Bully whilst I was reflecting on how I felt about being bullied at school. For my sanity, I needed to try and find the positive in a negative situation to accept what had happened and move on. I found my way to heal in the lyric ‘I’m glad it happened to me and not you’ and I really hope it helps others find their inner strength too.

The video for the track sees other individuals who have faced bullying or tough relationships in their lives singing along to the song, creating an empowering feeling and making the theme of the song even more relatable for anyone who has ever felt powerless.

Feeling inspired by her message and ability to move forward, we asked Sody more about the messages she hopes people can take away from the track, and the relating visuals.

What’s a motto you live by?

‘Everything happens for a reason’ because my mum always said that to me growing up and ‘it’s cool to be kind’ because for some reason when you’re in school it’s cool to be mean to people when in reality it’s actually so UNCOOL!

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

I would probably say blue at the moment because the songs have been pretty sad for a while now… but the colour is going to change soon!

If you could set The Bully to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?

Hmm good question! Maybe Mean Girls because I feel like that could be quite a good fit given the subject! Or the movie Sing because the gorilla was being bullied because he could sing but he still went for it.

What’s the most important message you want someone to take away from The Bully?

If you are being bullied, find comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel (I promise). If you are bullying someone, become more mindful of your actions and words because you probably wouldn’t want someone to do the same to you!

What advice would you offer to someone who is going through the same situation?

Make sure you talk to someone whether that is family, your teacher or even a helpline because it will only get worse for you if you keep it bottled up. Try to find an outlet to stimulate your brain and keep your mind healthy. Mine was music but it could be taking the dog for a walk, baking, painting, anything!

How does the video connect with the song?

I wanted the music video to represent strength in solidarity but also raise awareness of the fact that there’s no aesthetic that is immune to bullying. Even the people you least expect could be suffering in some way. The video means a lot to me and everyone who was a part of it is so brave — I was crying all day on set I was so proud!

Are there any behind the scenes stories behind either the recording of the song or the filming of the video?

I knew I wanted to write a song about how I felt about being bullied but I didn’t know how to put it into words. That was when I sat down with Frances in the studio and we reflected on my time at school. I realised that I was actually glad that I’d been bullied instead of anyone else because I felt that no one would have been able to deal with what I did. That’s where the tag of the song came from! The Bully isn’t meant to pity me, instead I hope it inspires other young people that there’s so much more to life than the bullies at school and to remember that everything happens for a reason.

Finally, a slightly cliche question but what does music mean to you?

Music is my emotional release. It allows me to tell my secrets, my dreams, my fears to an audience of people I don’t know who may be able to relate. Music is its own language that can connect people who never usually cross paths. That’s why I love it!

You can catch Sody at her headline show on May 20th at The Waiting Room, London.