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BLACK SURF Unveil New Single ‘Eleven Dando (Good Time)’

A fuzzed out, sun-soaked cut from Black Surf is the perfect accompaniment to the sunny weather we’ve been experiencing recently.

Black Surf 2019

London alt-rock trio Black Surf share their newest single Eleven Dando (Good Time) ahead of their upcoming EP Make Friends, which is set for release on May 15th. Marking the first new material from the band since their 2016 debut album, it’s a glorious comeback, as indie melodies drenched with nostalgia gently wrap around you. If you notice a similarity between the single name and the melodies to Evan Dando of The Lemonheads, then this is deliberate as the group pay homage to him with this track.

Explaining further, front man Ali Epstone comments:

For my 10th birthday my babysitter made me a mixtape and the first track was by Evan Dando. This was my first introduction to alternative music and would be the catalyst to shape my musical taste and direction forever. I met Dando, just by chance, in a shop before The Lemonheads’ sold out gig in London last month. I couldn’t get a ticket and he was cool enough to put me on his guest list.

You can hear the sunshine, urgency and unpredictability in Dando’s music. Over the years he’s been the soundtrack to blissed-out fuzzy memories of youth, freedom and general good times, and I wanted to honour the influence and inspiration he’s had on our sound, somehow. So here’s Eleven Dando to say thanks for the inspiration.

You can catch Black Surf at their special EP release show at London’s O2 Academy Islington on May 25th.