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DROOL Unveil New Single ‘Junkyard’

The fast rising London four piece Drool have released new single Junkyard, bringing together the best of their grunge influences to create their own gritty sound.

Drool 2019

With echoing, spacey guitar and enticing vocals Drool are bringing back the best parts of the 90s with their own current twist. Turning more chaotic as the track progresses, Junkyard goes in an interesting direction.

Frontman Joey Rogers commented on the single:

The song’s a conversation between two people. One asking for help and the other who’s unwilling to listen. It’s based on a conversation I had with a friend. I liked the imagery of someone being inside a graveyard of old cars and appliances being cast aside and left to rot.

Junkyard is being included in the band’s upcoming EP slated for May 2019. The band will also be appearing at Camden Rocks Festival in June.