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LUNA BAY Share Soaring New Single ‘Call The Night’

With a knack for writing huge choruses, the newest track from Luna Bay is an earworm that is sure to be stuck in your head for days to come.

Luna Bay 2019

London-based quartet Luna Bay seem to have the perfect indie formula nailed down, and their latest single Call The Night is a fine example of how well this formula works; with a buoyant energy, effervescent melodies and blistering chorus, you won’t be able to get this track out of your mind. With a buzzing energy underlying the whole track, you simply can’t help but dance and sing along to your hearts content and feel like you’re on a high from the charged chorus.

Despite the extroverted nature of the instrumentals, there’s a hint of vulnerability to be found in the honest lyricism, and this candour simply adds into the charm of the track as singer Connor O’Mara ponders ‘If I keep dancing on my own, would you let me go home? Come on, let’s just go home’. A pounding drum and bass backbone sets the driving energy forward, whilst guitars echo the melody with great zeal and vigour, and it all comes together perfectly to form the ultimate summer indie hit.

The band will be playing their biggest show to date on November 21st at London’s Scala, so be sure to go and catch this blistering track live.