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BEACH BABY Get Groovy with ‘Lovin’ Feeling’

With a timeless quality to their encapsulating melodies, you won’t be able to resist the newest single from Beach Baby.

Beach Baby 2019

London’s Beach Baby are back with their first new material since their 2016 debut album No Mind No Money, and they have made this wait so worth it. Lovin’ Feeling will definitely get you feeling some kind of way, and it offers the first glance into their upcoming sophomore album which is set for release later this summer.

At the core of the track, it is still undeniably Beach Baby; it’s still the same band that hits you with emotional melodies and sensitive lyricism that will make you question your own experiences and connections as it dives headfirst into an examination of romantic dissatisfaction and the question of the reciprocity of feelings. Underneath the sultry grooves and slick saxophone accompaniments, a deep uncertainty pierces through the playful facade put on by cheeky congas and mellifluous reverb-tinged guitars.

The accompanying video certainly serves a slice of the same old-time quality of the track with its hazy visuals and the same romantic yearning as found in the track. With a glossy 70s sheen, Lovin’ Feeling hints at the direction the band takes in the newest album, away from the bright post-punk indie roots that characterised their debut, and paves the way for the next sonic chapter of the band.

You can catch the band at their upcoming live dates.


20 – London, The Islington

22 – Norwich, Bermuda Bob’s Hi-Fi.


04 – Brighton, Prince Albert

05 – The Joiners

06 – Manchester, YES