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GIRL IN RED Shares Video for ‘dead girl in the pool.’

Bringing a catchy and candid outlook on feelings of anxiety, they suddenly don’t seem quite as intimidating as girl in red works through them in dead girl in the pool.

girl in red 2019

Norway’s young artist girl in red grapples with feelings that are all to common to those who are still in the prime of their life – questions about identity and the anxiety it raises is a common experience but few can express it with such candour as girl in red has done in dead girl in the pool.

A bubbly and positive strummed guitar accompaniment gives off the initial impression of positivity, before you’re drawn in by the storytelling lyrics that almost seem too zealous and joyous as it narrates ‘there’s a dead girl in the pool. I’m the dead girl in the pool’. Yet this juxtaposition of playful melody and darker lyrics work surprisingly well, and the video for the track follows a similar dichotomy as you’re first introduced to what looks like the aftermath of a house party before the scene pans to a dead girl in the pool.

Speaking about the track, girl in red explains:

i started working on this song last summer. i had just had a conversation about perspectives and different narratives that sparked some ideas. then suddenly i had the line “there’s a dead girl in the pool” and this little music video of the morning after a party playing in my head. it’s kind of about feelings of anxiety and questioning your identity, and the video will hopefully show that!