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MORNING MIDNIGHT Unveil Video for ‘Ancoats Junction’

Marking a new beginning for the band, Midnight Morning say goodbye to an old love in their poignant debut single, Ancoats Junction

Morning Midnight 2019

Combining the songwriting skills of vocalist/guitarist Jordan Scott and Jess Pascale’s imaginative production, Midnight Morning emerge as quite a dynamic duo.

With a wistful tone throughout the track, the band pens a stunning narrative on Ancoats Junction. Providing a stark contrast, nostalgia blends with a joyous feel, just like sparkling instrumentals accompany the sadness and hopelessness hailing from the lyrics, as Scott’s gentle croon carries the forlorn confession: “Say goodbye, I’ll find my own way home”. Embarking on a new path, there’s a spark of hope and exciting new journey on the horizon. With a candid video treatment, the footage only adds to the heartfelt and pensive quality of the track.

Speaking about the track, the band explains:

Ancoats Junction is about the hopelessness of trying to fix a failing relationship and knowing when to finally admit defeat. When I look back now it still makes me sad, but ultimately it was the beginning of everything we’ve done since and for that I’m thankful. For all intents and purposes this song is about something coming to an end, so naturally it felt like the best place for us to begin.