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WEIRD MILK Serenade with New Track ‘Honey, I’m Around’

If there was ever a track to make you believe in romance, this would be it. 


North London quartet Weird Milk almost sound like they’re from a different decade with their warbling guitars and crooning vocals, but there’s something so irresistible about their sound that makes them fit right in the modern scene as well. Their latest single Honey, I’m Around sends you right back in time with a kick of nostalgia, and velvety vocals and soothing guitars sing a swaying melody on the timeless theme of romance.

With whispers of pop tambourine in the background, staccato guitars at the beginning set the tone for this summery indie-pop anthem. Airy falsetto creates a feeling of breathlessness whilst rim shots on the drum add a playfulness to the otherwise smitten texture, and as the lyrics ‘but I find it hard to resist it’ brush past your ears, you’ll have a hard time if you try to resist falling head over heels for this track.

Speaking more on the release, the band says:

This song touches on themes of romance and escapism, whilst cherishing the notion that sometimes it is important to be patient and persistent in one’s endeavours, without lingering in the past.

Catch the band at the following live dates.


07 – Camden Assembly, London (Jigsaw Festival)

October (with Trudy and the Romance)

18 – The Waterfront, Norwich

23 – Face Bar, Reading

24 – The Bodega, Nottingham

25 – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds