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THE 1975 Release Explosive New Track ‘People’



Just in time for their Reading and Leeds Festival appearances, The 1975 have dropped a music bomb in the form of their new single, People. Heralding the second instalment of the “Music For Cars” era, their album Notes On A Conditional Form which will be released on February 21st, 2020, the track may come as a shock to some, but then, that’s exactly what The 1975 have been doing since day one.

Never ones to stray away from musical experimentation, The 1975 set the bar higher with People. Following their self-titled single narrated by climate activist Greta Thunberg, the new song acts as a wake-up call to the conformist masses. It’s their heaviest effort yet; it is loud, it is bold, and dam is it necessary. Delivering a commentary on the state of the world we live in today, the song addresses many pressing issues, including the climate change crisis, with lyrics “Wake up, wake up, wake up / It’s Monday morning and we’ve only got a thousand of them left”, as well as a critique of modern society – “Well, my generation wanna fuck Barack Obama / Living in a sauna with legal marijuana”. With mammoth riffs, rebellious tone and Matty Healy’s untamed, irrepressible screams, this track is sure to satisfy many music tastemakers, especially the punk heads. Mirroring the chaos depicted in the lyrics, the accompanying video only adds to the trippy journey we’ve been on.

The 1975 have overturned many music conventions over the years, but with this song they’ve proved that nothing can stop them now in becoming the greatest band in the world.