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KING PRINCESS Shares New Track ‘Ain’t Together’

With the debut album from King Princess fast approaching, Mikaela Strauss has treated fans to yet another infectious single Ain’t Together.

King Princess 2019

Ain’t Together follows the success of earlier singles from Cheap Queen, giving listeners a preview of the singer’s delicate musicality. Opening with a soft acoustic guitar line, Strauss sings to a past lover. The lyrics are brutal yet pleading and are accented by an alternating singing style in the chorus. There is a sharp, enunciated separation of words that transitions effortlessly into a vocal steadiness that is to-die-for.

The emotional honesty yet playful tone of this track showcases a balance that is hard to achieve in pop music. It’s also why we love King Princess. She walks the line between catchy yet authentic with ease. Strauss maintains originality in a crowded music industry and seems to be rising to the challenge of producing art in the spotlight. With a full US headlining tour set to finish out 2019 and continue into February, we cannot wait for the reign of King.