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Artist Of The Week // DEVON

Turbo-charged with energy, the newest single from Devon is an infectious cut of alt-pop.

Devon 2019

UK alt-popper Devon ought to be a name on your radar – having already racked up nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify for his latest single I DONT WANT 2 B UR FRIEND, the recently released video shows that he is as creative visually as he is sonically. Flickering between scenes of romantic partners and Devon delivering a fired-up, raw performance of the track, it conveys all of the exuberance of the track whilst carrying the lyrical content across. Between the hyper electronics and wistful vocals, I DONT WANT 2 B UR FRIEND is a dose of alt-pop that you won’t be able to resist.

Speaking more of the video, Devon explains:

The video shows an honest picture of what normal life and love looks like. As cheesy as it sounds, love doesn’t have boundaries and this video highlights the more upfront and relatable meaning of the song really well. It is taking the meaning out of the personal place that I wrote it from and giving a true visual image that everyone can relate to!

Bearing in mind the theme of love that the track tackles, we caught up with Devon to talk about his funniest memory of it and what he’s looking forward to.

What’s a motto you live by?

The motto I live by is that nothing ever happens by itself. My old year 5 teacher who taught me guitar told me that on some letter that he sent me after I finished school. It was like something out of a cheesy movie and I have it pinned on my wall.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be?

My music would probably be a bright blue because its got brightness and energy to it but can also be calm like water … call me Bruce Lee.

If you could set the I DONT WANT 2 B UR FRIEND to a movie, which movie would it be the soundtrack to?

Shawn of the Dead.

What are you most looking forward to with your new music label deal? What made you choose Universal Music On Demand?

I’m looking forward to being able to push my music to further places and get to as many people as possible all over the globe. I chose Universal Music On Demand cause they had a really laid back but driven small team. The relationship feels very personal with the label and you don’t feel like another number who’s fighting to get their music out, also the team are very real and don’t sugar-coat things which is exactly what I want from a label. They really want the artist to make their vision true first then they will guide it and find the best ways to push it to the people.

What’s your funniest memory of love?

I didn’t find this funny at the time. In fact I thought I was the biggest ladies man on the planet but when I was in primary school my mum bought me a bunch of flowers to give to this girl I fancied and I ran up to her house and left them on the doormat and cherry knocked the door and ran off… so romantic.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

As cheesy as it sounds music is my thing. I did many different things as hobbies as a kid but music always stayed constant and when people say “do what you are good at and you will enjoy it” then listen. I enjoy making music so much that it has become so natural for me to do now, and the only time I notice that I enjoy it so much is when I’m not doing it and get that twitchy feeling because I need to be making stuff. If you have ever made something out of scratch it’s the coolest feeling. Starting with literally nothing and ending the session/day/week with a full song is the coolest thing because it simply didn’t exist before you made it.

You can catch him on tour at the following dates.


12 – Camden Assembly, London

17 – Rough Trade, Bristol

19 – Swn Festival