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Album Review // BABYMETAL ‘Metal Galaxy’

With a visionary new approach, BABYMETAL take their sound to new heights on their genre-crossing third album, Metal Galaxy.



The anticipation for BABYMETAL‘s third album Metal Galaxy has been growing significantly since their headline show at O2 Academy Brixton this summer. Performing many songs off the new album, including PA PA YA!!, Distortion, and Starlight, these songs were exceptional live and are sure to have left fans avidly awaiting the release of the album.

Catchy and metal aren’t usually two things that go together, however, that is exactly what Metal Galaxy is like. With blisteringly heavy guitars and drums combined with lighter female Japanese vocals at the forefront, supported by growling backing vocals, BABYMETAL definitely bring something very new to the genre of metal.

As much as a lot of devout metalheads complain about them, BABYMETAL are particularly good at what they do. Their music is unique and definitely demands your attention, especially with its diversity between the songs. The band has brought an intriguing twist to Metal Galaxy, taking influences from many different cultures. This is particularly prominent on tracks like Shanti Shanti Shanti, which has influences from India Bollywood, and Scandinavian folk-metal inspired track Oh! MAJINAI.

BABYMETAL’s new album covers themes such as light and darkness as well emotions like duality and ambivalence which comes across throughout the album. Every track brings something different, but some stand out more than others.

Future Metal opens the album perfectly. Progressively adding more instruments and synths, the layering of music builds up gradually rather than coming in shocking and all guns blazing like many metal albums. The amount atmosphere this song creates is astounding, the use of synth imitating a sound you’d associate with the space scenes in sci-fi movies to create an interesting ambience.

The guitar on Brand New Day featuring Tim Henson and Scott LePage is particularly impressive. Although lighter than many of the other tracks, the parts are very intricate and captivating. Starlight has anthem like vibes especially during the chorus and is exceptionally good live, becoming even more of an epic sounding song.

The song that surprised me most on the new album was Shine. Starting with a beautiful strings section before bringing in heavy guitar, this song is rather different. The guitar sounds very unique. For most of the song it sounds very light compared to the rest of album, letting the girls evince just how impressive their vocals are.

Overall Metal Galaxy is an exceptional album with an intriguing concept. BABYMETAL have stayed true to the sound they have created for themselves whilst pushing their boundaries to compose a record which is diverse and refreshingly different.