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EP Review // CAN’T SWIM ‘Foreign Language’

The post-punk band has unveiled their artist-riddled new EP, Foreign Language, through Pure Noise Records. And it’s an aggressive one.

Can't Swim Foreign Language EP

“I always told you, grandma always says: fuck them!”, an older woman’s voice sounds. The first lines to Foreign Language immediately grab your attention before the band bursts into the title track Foreign Language with a vengeance. Guest starring Adam Lazzarra of Taking Back Sunday, the 53-second track. “I’d rather fucking hang myself!”, vocalist Chris LoPorto screams before moving onto Filthy Rich (feat. Spencer Pollard).

Can’t Swim have never been a band to shy away from pessimistic viewpoints and realistic mindsets, and this EP is no different. Every song on Foreign Language emits rage and feels like it came straight from the heart with no filter. As LoPorto has said about the record: “To be able to write music honestly and to be transparent with our agenda has always been the goal and Foreign Language is the best interpretation of that yet.”

The most apparent example of the anger that radiates through the EP is the song SHOOT!. Starting with the words “I’ll kill everyone you motherfuckers”, it sets the exact tone for the rest of the song. It’s the kind of song you blast on your headphones when you’re angry, but simultaneously feel slightly guilty about enjoying it so much. Another powerful yet slightly less guilt inducing song is possibly the most anticipated of the EP: Power, featuring vocalist Frank Carter. This song, comparable to Filthy Rich seems to be a middle finger to the system and the rich and powerful, and an effective one at that.

Closing track Prick is only one of the two songs that doesn’t feature another artist. My first reaction is that the song reminds me massively of Enter Shikari around the time they released A Flash Flood of Colour. LoPorto’s seething voice has the same energy as Rou Reynolds’ in Gandhi Mate, Gandhi. It’s no surprise that both bands are good friends and Can’t Swim just finished supporting Shikari on their US tour. We’re hoping Can’t Swim will soon be on the road in support of their own EP, because these tracks will be sure to cause a huge crowd reaction.