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THE PALE WHITE Share Roaring New Single ‘Swim For Your Life’

Urgent and pressing, Swim For Your Life is the newest single from The Pale White that demands itself to be heard.

The Pale White 2019

Newcastle trio The Pale White have come in, guns blazing, with their newest single Swim For Your Life. Bringing in their signature indie catchiness, but infusing it with a dose of adrenaline and rocket-fuel, it’s a charging single that will raise your heartbeat and get your blood pumping. Between searing guitars and a thunderous rhythmic section, the track propels and hurtles with an almost uncontainable energy, proving the trio’s masterful skill of crafting tracks that grip on to you.

Explaining more of the track, the trio says:

‘Swim For Your Life’ is probably the most direct and energetic song we’ve put out so far. It’s the third track we’ve worked on with our producer Jolyon Thomas, and it shows a slightly different side to what we do compared to our last two releases.

We feel like we’re edging closer to breaking out from being the underdogs, and in a way this track is almost a statement of intent for us.