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SURF ROCK IS DEAD Unveil Dreamy New Single ‘Our Time’

Tinged with a nostalgic enchantment, prepare to be swept off your feet by the new Surf Rock Is Dead single Our Time.

Surf Rock Is Dead 2019

Brooklyn-based duo Surf Rock Is Dead unleashes their spell-binding concoction of dream-pop and indie rock to their full extent with their new single Our Time. Hazy and nostalgic, there’s never been a more pleasant, mellow, or smooth listening as you soar through the track’s reverb-tinged guitars and glimmering harmony, whilst honey-like vocals feed into your ear and soothe all of your worries away. The chorus brings a powerful but not overwhelming force that you won’t be able to resist, and you’ll find yourself subconsciously bopping along to the sunny melodies that flow through the speakers. Intertwining 80s post-punk rhythms and shimmering reverbs, the track treads a delicate line between a lucid dream state of wake and sleep to create a curious, all-inquiring character. The single will feature on the duo’s upcoming debut album, scheduled for release in the spring of 2020.

Speaking about the track, the band shares:

The song just spilled out after some catchy guitar noodling turned into what would become the verse bits. Lyrically, ‘Our Time’ is about the uncertain feeling of chasing after a passion, and the nighttime being the only liberating time to do so.