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iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Get into the Festive Mood with ‘Christmas Drag’ EP

Spreading some festive cheer with their newest Christmas Drag EP, iDKHOW have made this year’s just that little bit sweeter.

iDKHOW Christmas Drag EP 2019Christmas music – the two words that can either invoke fear or love in most people. The first thing that tends to come to mind at hearing those two words are overly-cheesy tunes that you either can’t get enough of, or can’t wait to hear the end of. However, we’re fairly sure in saying that most people will swing more towards the ‘love’ end of the spectrum with the new iDKHOW festive EP Christmas Drag. Running at just three tracks long, it’s made the joyous season that little bit better as the band brings their own swing into the holiday. Channelling their love for Christmas, their enjoyment is infectious and you won’t be able to stop a grin spreading from ear to ear as you listen to the EP.

Opening with a new track in the form of Christmas Drag, the song is anything but a drag. With sleigh-bells and sleazy bass lines, it feels drawn-out and confident whilst being anything but boring. It’s the pace of a band who are sure of what they’re doing, unafraid to take their time and move things at their own speed, with the knowledge that we’ll be hooked on for every part of the journey.

Speaking about the track, frontman Dallon Weekes explains:

I wrote Christmas Drag over a decade ago. I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas music, and this was one of the first Christmas songs I ever wrote for myself. I’m happy I got a chance to give it a proper recording and release. Oh Noel was recorded in one take, on the first try. I recorded it with a fella named Stu Maxfield, who is this fantastic musician from Provo. After we did the first pass, the engineer asked us if we wanted another take. We looked at each other and said no at the same time. A pretty special studio moment.

Bringing their own spin onto the Christmas classic Merry Christmas Everybody, it breathes a new life into the track whilst Oh Noel wraps everything up on a tender note as Dallon’s crooning vocals are accompanied solely by a supple piano. Christmas really seems to have come early this year.