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SPOOKYGHOSTBOY Unveils Dreamy New Single ‘Hello It’s Me’

Blissful lo-fi beats and chilled out electronics put you right at ease in spookyghostboy’s newest single.

spookyghostboy 2019spookyghostboy, aka Austin Thomas, allows a glimpse into his personal struggles with his newest single Hello It’s Me. The track sees him opening up about a medical condition called cluster headaches that have affected him, and the candid lyricism is perfectly matched by unfiltered instrumentals that coax you into a lull. Hypnotic and budding with raw thoughts, the track occupies an almost ethereal sphere and will form the soundtrack to every single pastel daydream.

Explaining more of the track, Austin says:

A couple of years ago I got diagnosed with a rare form of headaches called cluster headaches.  Sometimes they’re called suicide headaches, because of how painful they are. For six months or so I would get them every day for several hours a day & it was pretty debilitating. Whatever I was in the middle of doing, I had to completely drop because I would be unable to focus. They eventually disappeared, but I wrote this song about the experience of trying to deal with that. I was really frustrated having to spend hours every day trapped in my house & being rendered completely useless.  I recorded it by myself in my home studio on a week between tours.