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ALEC BAKER Unveils New Single ‘Something About You’ feat. MANX

Blending soulfully soft vocals with a cool synth-pop vibe, Alec Baker and MANX have created magic with their duet, Something About You.

Alec Baker 2020

Something About You is a dazzling assortment of sounds. No visual is necessary as the colours this track creates practically dance in front of your eyes as you are engulfed by the warmth of lush ambience and crackling distortion. Between the contrasting vocals provided by MANX and Alec Baker, you almost forget that it’s a beautifully melancholic tune. Touching on that feeling of lovers drifting apart but desperately holding on out of fear, out of love, out of sadness, is one many listeners can relate to. Just as Baker keeps holding onto that certain someone, Something About You is also hard to leave behind (and, frankly, you won’t want to).

On the collaboration with MANX, Baker said:

I’d known from the start that I wanted to turn this song into a duet. After hearing MANX’s song ‘Tub’, which I love, we reached out to Maria that joined us on the process of finally finishing the song.