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ALL TIME LOW (Finally) Release ‘Getaway Green’

After nine months of anticipation and shaky cam quality videos, Baltimore’s All Time Low have released the studio recording of their upbeat and infectious tune, Getaway Green.

All Time Low 2020

It couldn’t have come at a better time. With the world spiralling into collective anxiety, Getaway Green is a beacon of energy. As with many songs on their upcoming album Wake Up, Sunshine, you can hear All Time Low returning to their roots. While this version is more refined and produced than the rough-around-the-edges live version, there is a reason Getaway Green has been so hotly anticipated. Between a catchy guitar melody and vocals that hook you in, it is a top-down, wind-in-your-hair, cherry-Coke kind of song. At its root, it is a romantic and affectionate track. While it could be interpreted as positively reminiscing about an ex, the accompanying video full of live footage from their small-venue shows earlier this year gives life to the lyrics in a different way; it’s about the fans. We are the green light that permits them to step outside their everyday, black and white lives.

Getaway Green is another great addition to what appears to be another strong All Time Low record. Wake Up, Sunshine is due out April 3rd via Fueled By Ramen.