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DAHL Opens up His Heart on ‘Can I Kiss You?’

There’s always a particular uncertainty and nervousness that surround the question Can I Kiss You?, and Dahl captures the whole multitude of emotions running through your head in his newest single.


You might currently know Dahl better from his work as part of the multi-platinum group Cheat Codes, but as Trevor Dahl steps away and focuses on solo creative endeavours, it won’t be long before Dahl is a force to be reckoned with on its own terms. Bringing a catchy pop vibrancy attuned to the multi-faceted complexities of human emotion, his debut single Can I Kiss You? accurately captures the myriad of thoughts that rushes through one’s brain as they embark on a journey of new romance and kindling love.

Explaining more of the track, Dahl shares:

I’m typically an outgoing person, and don’t get nervous when I meet people.. but I went on a date with a girl a couple of years ago, and I remember being completely taken aback and at a loss for words. I got nervous, could barely eat during our lunch, and probably made a fool of myself. I would see her every once in a while, and every single time we’d hang out, I was too scared to make a move. whenever she left, I would be going crazy thinking “JUST DO IT DUDE, why are you so nervous to kiss this girl?!”. Months passed (at this point it had been about a year since we met) and out of nowhere I saw her out at a bar. We started talking and eventually went to grab a drink. I think the liquid courage may have helped quite a bit, but I eventually got the courage to go for it. Fast forward, we’ve now been dating for more than a year. I want all my solo music to tell these types of personal experiences and get people to know me a bit more…

I grew up performing in bands, or by myself with an acoustic guitar, and it’s been awhile since I’ve made that type of music. I wanted to go back to my roots and make music that was stripped down and based around the lyrics and vocals instead of heavy drops and big production.