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GRACEY Unveils Video for New Single ‘Gone’

With a minimalistic backing track of beats and keyboard tones, Britain’s pop songstress GRACEY puts her sweet vocals on full display in her newest track, Gone

Gracey 2020

GRACEY is making a name for herself in the pop world in the best way possible. Her latest single, Gone, showcases just how strong an artist she is. Although poignant in message and tone, the warmth of GRACEY’s voice turns a sad “I miss you and feel lonely” break-up song into an infectious bop perfect for a chilled out night. Outside of the stunning pre-chorus, the bridge is especially noteworthy for how it paves the way to an explosive finish.

The music video for Gone sees our heroine wandering through the crowded dancefloor unseen by anyone. It brings to life the anxieties one can feel being surrounded by hundreds yet still feeling isolated – a common stressor for today’s society.