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Artist Of The Week // ST. LUNDI

St. Lundi makes his debut into the world with his poetic and soulful single You’ve Got The Wrong Guy.

St. Lundi 2020

Coming across talented new artists is like coming across a diamond in the rough, and this comparison could not be more apt than for our artist of the week, St. Lundi. Real name Archie Langley, St. Lundi is the creative output for the 22 year-old, and he makes his introduction by way of a moving piano ballad, You’ve Got The Wrong Guy. Through an intoxicating mix of emotion-laden vocals and heart-rending keys, it’s a heavy track that will have you reaching for your nearest box of Kleenex as balladic lyricism flows through the speakers.

Having grown up on a little known English Channel outpost called Hayling Island, Archie tried to build a name for himself as a singer-songwriter in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area whilst dipping in and out of dead end jobs. At 21, he spontaneously decided to buy a one-way ticket to London; the next evening he played an open mic night where he met some new friends who offered him a couch as accommodation which soon became his home for the next six months whilst laying the foundations of a new life in the capital.

Speaking of his inspirations behind You’ve Got The Wrong Guy, Archie shares

Whilst watching a TV show – where the main character was wrongly imprisoned – I started thinking about unrequited love within a relationship and how gut wrenching it can be. The song represents that moment where you realise you need to walk away or remain loves prisoner, so to speak.

Feeling enthralled by both the single and Archie’s backstory, we decided to find out more about this exciting new artist and some of his experiences since moving to London.

What’s a motto you live by? 

To try and turn potentially bad situations or emotions into something positive. In my case, it would be by writing a piece of music or a song that helps me deal with that time and can hopefully help others too. Another motto would be that when pouring a cup of tea the milk always comes last…. sorry to any ‘milk first’ readers out there.

If you had to set the track to a movie or TV show, which one would it be the soundtrack to and why? Which show originally inspired the track? 

Oh ok, this is interesting. I’d say it would probably be a rom-com of some sort, or even just ‘a rom’. Not much comedy involved in the track I don’t think haha. I’d say the film ‘About Time’ would work. It’s also one of my favourite films. The song would fit the part where Tim realises Charlotte isn’t right for him. He ends up living a wonderful life with Mary because of that. Tim didn’t remain a prisoner of unrequited love and neither should you… I actually came up with the idea for the song after watching a Netflix show called ‘When They See Us’ which is about five young boys in America who are wrongly sentenced to prison. It got me thinking about how I could translate this into a love story. It just so happened I was heading in to write with the amazing Dane Etteridge that day and there the song was born.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be and why?

It would definitely be navy blue. This colour has been a constant theme throughout my life, probably due to my mother always dressing me in it when I was younger. Whether that had inspired the emotion in my tracks now, who knows. But yeah, definitely navy blue.

What advice would you give to someone who’s stuck in a situation of unrequited love?

Listen to my track You’ve Got The Wrong Guy and see if it helps in some way haha. No but in all seriousness, take care of yourself in this situation and remember that sometimes taking a break from something can make you realise it’s worth. Also just try being honest with yourself and the other person in this situation. Overthinking can be the real issue.

What has been the most unexpected thing to have happened to you since you moved to London?

Well, there’s been many unexpected things that have happened. Although I’m tempted to say it’s the current major topic in world news I’m going to say something much more positive and hopefully something that will bring a smile to people’s faces. Meeting my close friend, the keys player of St. Lundi, Christian Grace, was the most unexpected thing to happen to me. I met Christian in my first year of living around London and it changed a lot for me. It’s easy to underestimate the effect one person can have on you but I’ve made a friend for life and that’s so special. I think it’s so important to show your close friends you feel this way!

Is there anything you wish you could do differently about moving to London, looking back?

Looking back, there’s nothing I would change. I’ve learnt so much since I moved here. I left home in not the best state of mental health and it was more of an escape from everyday life with the hope to make something more. I’ve had ups and downs and financially it’s always been tough. But I couldn’t be happier with where things are at now and can’t wait to share my music with everyone.

Turning to a more light-hearted tone and taking inspiration from the track title, if you could have a famous doppelgänger who would you want it to be?

So I’ve actually had quite a lot of people say I look like Elvis Presley… a young Elvis by the way. Now, I know Elvis Presley is no longer alive but other than him I really don’t know! I don’t necessarily see the resemblance myself but I’ll take it as a compliment any day. Maybe it’s the hair.

Have you ever had someone mistake you for someone you’re not?

Now that you’ve asked me this I’m really having to think about it. As boring as it may sound, I don’t think I ever have. But then again I’m pretty tall so not often mistaken for other people.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

As cliché as this sounds, it means everything. Ever since I was a child I feel like I’ve had an obsession with music. Whether it be coming home from primary school to watch a DVD of The Rat Pack performing live or getting my first guitar at 12 and playing it for hours every night in my bedroom. I’ve always felt like I’m meant to pursue music, probably because it’s what I love most and I’m a firm believer of following your dreams and doing something you love as life is way too short. I feel so lucky that I can make music with amazing people and learn from every experience I have working with them so that I can go on to make music that I feel represents me in the best way possible. You’ll definitely be hearing more of this music this year. I can’t wait!