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Album Review // JEREMY ZUCKER ‘love is not dying’

In a wonderland of shimmering soundscapes and utter honesty, Jeremy Zucker finds his truths as he explores the intricacies of life, love and friendship in his debut album love is not dying.


Jeremy Zucker love is not dying

A result of settling down in Brooklyn, love is not dying is a viscerally poetic and sonically mellifluous tale that chronicles Jeremy Zucker‘s life-altering decisions. In search for one true love, he captures his hopes and dreams alongside his inner doubts as he navigates through the ebbs and flows of life. With a tinge of homeless romanticising, the record extracts the essence of indie-electro/alt-pop bliss, shaping up to be a balm to the soul in these difficult times.

The melodic daze that is the album opens with still, a subtle intro that paints a tranquil scenery with the sound of birds chirping in the sky and distant conversations. Jeremy’s music beams with a visual quality, an almost tangible feel; it takes just a couple of notes before vivid imagery start flashing before your eyes.

The lulling guitar work and delicate, warm vocals in we’re fucked, it’s fine channel the uncertainty and concern that arise in a romantic relationship, while admitting at the same time that “there’s nothing like being in love.” The song instantly sets the wistful tone for the record.

Letting his fantasies run wild and free, Jeremy further creates a euphoric dreamscape worth escaping to. In somebody loves you, the velvety vocals sit on rhythmic beats and twinkling electronics, simply working wonders for our senses, and the bridge brings a change in the dynamic with a robotic vocal infusion.

love is not dying acts as a time capsule filled with fond and distant memories and limitless possibilities of the moments that could have been, should have been and would have been. A highlight on the album, orchird is a very detailed, intimate love song, leaving grandiose sonics behind in favour of a minimal soundscape and lyrical depth. The song beautifully cements his brand of modern pensive balladry.

Reflecting on removing toxic relationships from one’s life, not ur friend strikes with brazen honesty as Jeremy advocates the value of self-worth through the upbeat organic instrumentation and the most infectious chorus you’ll hear on the album. On the other hand, full stop stands as the antithesis to the previous track, touching upon solitude and ache as he confesses “i wanna be with someone / i wanna feel something / instead of holding on to / holding on to nothing.”

An ode to platonic love, always, i’ll care is an effortlessly penned sun-kissed anthem which sees Jeremy addressing his friends, the ones who still stick around despite his absence. It is the stand out track on the compilation. Elsewhere on the record, lakehouse glimmers with sway-inducing hand claps and textures galore, mixing ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ in the most wonderful way.

With a flair for sentimentality, julia offers a darkly tinged, sparkling soundscape, giving away the notion of love ending, whilst brooks surprises with a remarkable layer of spoken word.

Transforming his innermost feelings into big moments, love is not dying is a therapeutic journey for this young artist, a path to realising his full potential while still learning and simply living in the moment. In the process, he makes room for acceptance and growth, expressing his emotions and thoughts the only way he knows how, and that is through music. As he croons on the closing track, oh, mexico, “i try to be myself but still I’ve got some room to grow.” Haven’t we all?