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NIA WYN Shares New Single ‘Who Asked You’

Indie-soul emerging artist Nia Wyn takes the next big step in her music journey as she releases an unapologetic new single, Who Asked You.

Nia Wyn 2020

It was only two months ago we deservingly featured North Wales’ emerging artist Nia Wyn in our Artist Of The Week column amid the release of her highly acclaimed debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin. This time she once again caught our attention as she expands her back catalogue with her brand new soulful single Who Asked You.

Growing up in a small town in Wales, the indie-soul singer never had it easy. Finding herself struggling with isolation, identity and mental health, she turned to songwriting to get rid of her inner demons and to this day she’s not afraid to battle them. With a catchy groovy bass line and commanding impressive Amy Winehouse-esque vocals, the track is Nia’s empowering attempt to deal with other people’s unwanted opinions, especially to those who doubted her success while growing up. And no, she doesn’t mind calling them a name or two.

 Speaking about the track, Nia explains:

For me this track is about being faced with unsolicited opinions from others – whether that’s from judgemental people you knew back home who always doubted you or called you unstable and weird because you didn’t fit in with others. There’s also the message of what goes around comes around in some way and how that negative energy people build up will ultimately hold them back whether that’s now or later on.