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CLUBHOUSE Share Summer Anthem ‘Weekend’

Ohio’s rising indie-pop five piece CLUBHOUSE have your Weekend jam along playlist sorted.

Clubhouse 2020As yet another weekend in isolation approaches, we may have found just the perfect addition to your weekend groovy anthems playlist – we have also created the perfect ‘Antisocial Anthems’ playlist for you to jam to, you can listen here if you haven’t already. You may have heard of them as the guys behind 2017’s hit Kyra or 2015’s To The Ocean, or you may have heard of them as Ohio’s latest up and coming indie-pop band, aka CLUBHOUSE.

Striking back with a defining calming chill-to sound, Weekend flows with a jazzy summertime nostalgic soundscape that will hopefully accompany you to your next holiday destination very soon. For the likes of Surfaces, Peach Tree Rascals, and Tom Misch, Weekend’s infectious chorus and funky piano synths are sure to ‘annoyingly’ get stuck in your head and it won’t take long until you find yourself humming along while carrying out with your house chores.

Speaking of the new track, the band explains:

With ‘Weekend’, we didn’t want to overthink anything and just wanted to write something that made us feel good. Something you can listen to poolside, driving, whatever it may be, and just vibe to.

With the band currently working on material for their soon to be released EP, we can’t wait to hear what more they have in store for us!