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PREMIERE // MIYA MIYA Unveil New Single ‘Hometown’

In the follow-up to their musical debut in March, UK up-and-comers MIYA MIYA release their latest single, Hometown – a whimsical pop track that brilliantly toes the line between sparkly eighties synthpop and modern-day indie-pop anthem.

Miya Miya 2020

Between dreamy synths and soothing harmonies, MIYA MIYA showcase their mellower side on Hometown. Singers Ginnie and Jordan play off each other beautifully, their voices blending during high points and standing out individually during their verses. The guitars and drums brightly erupt during the infectious chorus. The line “’Cause you’re lost in your hometown” is a perfect, little earworm. More powerful even than the electrifying chorus is the three short lines before. The synths fade away and we are left with a near a cappella demand to not forget your importance. Calmly, but with purpose, Jordan and Ginnie harmonize: “Don’t be another forgotten story / Feel your self-worth, love and glory.” The genuine passion behind those words is felt in the quiet before exploding into the anthemic chorus. At a run-time under three minutes, you’ll want to put it on repeat for more of the feel-good vibes from MIYA MIYA.

Spreaking about Hometown, the band said:

The original idea of ‘Hometown’ was following someone who’s completely lost all hope, selling themselves short and making bad decisions. Although they’re in their hometown, they are completely lost. It’s from the perspective of a person who’s outside of this, trying to reach in and show they care and want to help them.