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GOSS Reveals New Single ‘Country Boy’

One of Denmark’s best kept secrets, Goss yearns for a more simple life in his newest quirky pop bop Country Boy.

Goss 2020

Having toured with Mura Masa and SOHN, as well as being the co-writer of MØ’s global hit Kamikaze, Goss is now ready to take over 2020 as he emerges with a polished slice of alt-pop in the form of his new single, Country Boy.

A glimpse into the futuristic sonic world of Goss, Country Boy finds the singer in the moment of uncertainty and confusion, torn between his dreams and longings and his current life. Offbeat instrumentals play against Goss’ passionate vocals, creating a truly novel sound, whilst vibrant metaphors such as “They planted trees in my soul in my mind” add a poetic layer to the track. With a brand new EP on the horizon, we can’t wait to see and hear what Goss serves us next.

Speaking of the new track, Goss shares:

I wrote the song last summer. Me and my friend were tired of sitting inside our studios all day while everybody else were out there in the sun. So we borrowed a car and packed up our favourite guitars and drove to the sea. That’s how Country Boy came to life.

I guess I’m longing for a more simple life. But the city and my life here in Copenhagen is like a drug. It’s really hard to let go off.