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WALT DISCO Release Music Video for ‘Cut Your Hair’

Walt Disco urge you to Cut Your Hair and be young in their 80s-infused glam rock new single.

Walt Disco 2020

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been pretty bummed we can’t treat ourselves to a hairdresser’s appointment and we’ve thought of attempting to snazz up our locks by ourselves – sometimes even purely out of boredom. Well, the Glaswegian six piece Walt Disco arrive at the perfect timing to swoop those second thoughts away with their playfully funky new single Cut Your Hair.

Lifted from the band’s debut EP, due later this year, the groovy track dazzlingly blends in elements of pop-punk, glam-rock and new wave, bringing the shimmering distinctive soundscape we were first introduced to two years ago. The track appears to serve as a solution to our life’s dull daily routine by simply, Cut Your Hair. ‘We got a job, honey, that ain’t no life / In search of sweetness, you missed all the spice, oh / I see your struggle, the daily grind / You’ve shined your shoes but can’t taste the wine, oh… / Cut Your Hair.’

Accompanied by a gushing VHS style visual directed and filmed in isolation in the Glasgow flat the band members share, the colourful effects video is a playful depiction of what we wished our daily isolation routine looked like. Group face masks and hair dye sessions, extravagant make-up, impressive synchronised dance routines, guitar solos performed on top of a bed are just a few examples of what the six piece has been up to in the past seven weeks.

Speaking on the release of the new single, singer James Power said:

‘Cut Your Hair’ was written as a wee fun jibe at people passing judgement to those who are just being themselves. I think older generations can learn a lot from us YOUNG HARD AND HANDSOME folk. I mean our generation are the most tolerant and accepting, ever, and we should all aspire to live in a world where self expression and free speech is championed.

In terms of references when recording, we were listening to so much female, queer pop and dance music, we wanted the tempo and whole feel of the song to get people moving. Not only do we love this music but we also want to be a band for 2020 and the future, so we wanted to move away from the sounds of the new wave bands that inspired our formation and songwriting.