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DIRTY NICE Release New Track ‘My Dead End Self’

Dirty Nice have revealed ‘Powers Of Ten’-inspired music video for their glitchy alt-pop cut My Dead End Self.

Dirty Nice 2020Hailing from London and Bournemouth, Dirty Nice duo, comprising of Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson, have released their kaleidoscopic new single My Dead End Self. Drawing influences from today’s internet culture and vaporwave aesthetic whilst fusing it with 20th Century avant-garde art, Dirty Nice surely are an innovative band to look out for.

The introspective new single is the duo’s attempt to remind themselves and listeners to celebrate the small joys in life in the most sonically playful way, as vocalist Charlie shares:

Not long ago, before these quarantine times, I was walking down the high street quite listlessly. I was gently overcome by a feeling of relief and simple joy. Something in the stimuli, a cocktail of unexpected sunshine, city bustle and a dash of day dreaming had lifted a hidden weight. Then I wrote this song. The point is, I think, that walks are very nice, aren’t they? So pop this song on and go for a walk…responsibly, of course.

The track’s thoughtful motto is reflected in the aesthetically pleasing accompanying visual, inspired by ‘Powers Of Ten’ short films. Created by Charlie, the video showcases the miniscule place we have in the universe by simply slowly zooming out and revealing the unique greater whole we exist in. Speaking of the video, Charlie further explains:

For the video, I combined the format of the famous ‘Powers of Ten’ film by Charles and Ray Eames with a cubist illustration style to create an abstract endless loop of oneself looking within oneself within oneself within oneself and so on… this is the ‘dead end self’ which sounds quite negative or restrictive, but is actually meant as a celebration of acceptance. Not of despondent acceptance, but acceptance that gives you strength, acceptance of your dead end/infinite self.