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OHMME Share New Single ‘Selling Candy’

The Chicago-based aggressive yet meditative duo, Ohmme have unveiled brand new single Selling Candy.

Ohmme 2020

Selling Candy is the third single lifted from their upcoming new album, Fantasize Your Ghost, out June 5th via Joyful Noise Recordings.

The new single consists of only six harmonized lines between Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart before a chaotic eruption of sounds finish off the track. The new release remains as the perfect illustration that music can speak louder than words. Featuring previously released singles Ghost and 3 2 4 3, Ohmme‘s new album is a result of the deep questioning they ask about themselves and their future and what home looks like whilst on the road.

Speaking of the new track, Cunningham says:

‘Selling Candy’ was pieced together from little snapshots of my childhood growing up on my block in Chicago. It felt like its own tiny world where I could explore my imagination, enjoy independence from my parents, and meet all kinds of people, including the pissed off hot dog vendor from whom I bought a boiled hot dog from as often as I could get my hands on a buck.