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DE CLAIR. Shares Stunning Debut Single ‘trim’

In a world of minimal aesthetics, de clair. finds her truths as she opens up on her intimate new track, trim.

de clair. 2020

Sweden’s newest export, clara aka de clair. reflects on injustice, confusion, and silent sadness in her introspective new single, trim. Writing, producing and mixing all songs by herself, the new release offers a first glimpse into her unique sonic realm.

Delving deep into today’s social constructs that impact our mental health in a negative way, trim is a captivating and liberating story about intimacy and modern love. With de clair.’s distinct vocals and raw emotions taking centre stage, the drum machine-heavy track offers a minimal, airy soundscape. Subtle yet empowering, trim serves as a great reminder that embracing your own vulnerability can bring inner peace.

Featuring clips of de clair. surrounded by nature, the visual accompaniment emphasises the power of freedom, allowing us to experience the moment of intangible carefreeness.

Sharing more about the inspiration behind the track, de clair. says:

you know when someone tells you something that hurts acutely, even though you know it’s just a dull product of the society we live in? quiet tears, silent sadness and confusion – I believe many of us have been there. at least I have. writing this song, I wanted to go extreme – so I chose to explore the most intimate moment there is. ‘trim’ is about conquering that moment, whatever it is, and remembering that we deserve to be unjudged, no matter who we are or choose to exist.