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THE MOVING STILLS Charm With Newest Single ‘Your Standards’

Sometimes, all you need for a good time is a solid groove, and The Moving Stills have got you covered on this with Your Standards.

The Moving Stills 2020

There are some simple pleasures one can always derive from life, and a feel-good indie tune is one of such. Something about the warbling guitars, nostalgic melodies and fuzzy textures just makes you want to shake your hair, let loose and have a good time and you’ll be tempted to do all of that and more with the newest single from The Moving Stills, Your Standards.

On the surface, it’s a buoyant, poppy track that invokes scenes of beaches and long drives along the seafront as airy falsetto vocals dance atop twanging guitar chords, with an indie/alt-pop blend reminiscent of bands like Jungle Giants and Two Door Cinema Club. However, the lyrics hint at a slightly different story as the band admits “I’m not up to your standards” in the catchy chorus, with some self-doubt imbued at the back of their mind. Vocalist Tommy explains that the track “is about the feeling people give you that make you feel like you’re not cool enough, or worth their time”.