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CRAIG IRVING Releases Sparkling New Single ‘You And Me’

If anything is clear from Craig Irving’s latest single, You And Me, it is that glimmering, sunshine bedroom pop has a new force to be reckoned with.

Craig Irving 2020

With its shimmering ambience and pulsating percussion, Craig Irving’s voice glows on his latest track, You And Me, from start to finish. Underneath the pop melodies and the dashing refrain is a glimpse at Irving’s folk upbringing – the lilts and pronunciation of certain words, for example. The guitars in You And Me add a slight rock edge to the song. The DIY music video takes us on a drive down Scottish motorways and into Irving’s bedroom. The delightful 90s camcorder filter perfectly suits the overall aesthetic of the song. You And Me is a perfect example of melodic alt-pop, earning Irving a bright spot amongst his contemporaries.

On the track, Irving said:

‘You And Me’ comments on a situation that most of us experience in our lifetimes, not knowing where we stand or if we’re confident in both our own or someone else’s feelings.