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Daily Archives: June 26, 2020

Matilda Mann 2020

Artist Of The Week // MATILDA MANN

Matilda uses her calming vocals to spin a tale of longing and missing in latest single As It Is. West London’s Matilda Mann offers a tentative taste of what to expect from her forthcoming EP with her tranquil new single As It Is. Strumming guitar

Oscar Welsh 2020

OSCAR WELSH Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Sixteen’

Reminisce on the nostalgia of youth with Oscar Welsh in his sweet new single Sixteen. Suffolk-based Oscar Welsh ushers in a dreamy summer of bedroom summer-pop with his newest single Sixteen. Complete with a creative and immersive video where Oscar delivers a captivating performance amidst

Grey Daze Amends 2020

Album Review // GREY DAZE ‘Amends’

If we were to explain this album in 3 words, they would be ‘tragic, ‘vulnerable’ and above all… ‘evocative’. Time has come for Chester Bennington’s young self to be revealed to the world in its most true and authentic form. After the icon’s untimely and